Child Support

Both parents have an obligation to support their children. The Courts of Connecticut have decided that the needs of the child are above those of the individual parents. Support belongs to the child not the custodial or non-custodial parent. Parents must know that child support pays for rent/mortgage of the custodial parent, the electricity, the internet or phone, the general needs of the child(ren). Think of child support as a large pot where all of those items are placed. You the paying parent will put that money in. The non-paying parent will put their amount in and stir. That is the child's maintenance. It is not just clothing, shoes, and haircuts just as it would not be that if they lived full time with you.

Defense of Restraining Order

Temporary restraining orders are not just given to men. They are only a tool in the arsenal to protect a person from physical harm or harassment. It is vital to defend against a wrongful restraining order. Never just give in because it is easier. There are issue which can come up if you have a restraining order against you. Talk to an attorney because your future rights are important.

Divorce/ Dissolution

It is important that the parties involved in a divorce situation understand and receive their best representation. Representation does not mean that an attorney will go and blow up the opposition. That kind of representation damages your life because after we legal staff leave you are left to pick up the pieces. The best divorce lawyers work with their clients to find a way to untangle the marriage, the kids, the property with as little pain as possible.

DCF Defense

Attorney Evanko has represented parents and children in representation in the juvenile matters court. DCF Defense is a specialized skill set. It is important that the parents understand what is happening and that nothing is quick when it comes to working with the department.


A guardian -ad- litem or GAL is someone who is able to represent the best interest of the minor child. They may not be hired by the parents!!!! However, it is important to work together with the parents and their family to ensure that the child has the best outcome possible.

Support Enforcement

The support enforcement court ensures that the non-custodial parent contributes to the health and welfare of each of their children. It also ensures that the children are taken care of properly with the funds which are given and shared. Both parents are to support the needs of the kids they produced.

Criminal Defense

I am a criminal defense lawyer. I have spent the previous 12 years working on various types of defense for my clients. It is important that the defense attorney be able to discuss honestly the criteria by which the court must prove your guilt.