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The cornerstone of representation is the honesty and commitment of the working relationship. Honesty is what you will get at the Law Offices of Tamarah Evanko Gay. 

People do not seek out legal help without knowing that they need good, honest and fair guidance. This is especially true in the realm of Family Law. Tamarah will always tell you the truth of what you face even when the truth is difficult. That is her commitment to you and your needs.

  At Evanko Gay Law you receive one on one attention.  Tamarah will guide you through your legal matters, but she will not treat you like a child unable to assist in your case.  She will work with you and ask that you do some work on your matter alongside the firm.  This cooperative work relationship not only gives you full access to your case, but keeps your hourly bill lower.  Further, Attorney Evanko Gay will fight for you in and out of court.  She is not afraid to battle against the tide to get you the outcome you deserve.  However, she works diligently to gain a favorable outcome without destroying your world.   She will not advise you to fight over a $50 coffee table if it will probably cost you $200 in legal fees. Nor will she spend time avoiding the big battles which are necessary.  Sometimes the answer lies in retreat and regroup to come back a different way.  This is the "Art of War".