Any DUI in Connecticut is treated by two different systems. Even good people will sometimes make a mistake and end up in one or both of these systems.
1. The legal system
Once a person has a DUI arrest, they are required to go through the entire legal process to clear their name. In some cases the person is able to avoid the stigma of a criminal record by going through aversion courses. However, these courses come with a cost, which at the moment costs approximately $200.
2. The administrative action
The use of a course in the criminal system does not end the dilemma faced by a DUI arrest. The arrest also has ramifications within the DMV, which is completely separate from the criminal action. A person can have a favorable criminal outcome and manage to salvage their good name and still loose their license in an administrative proceeding.

At Evanko Law, we will take you through the entire process of both courts and assist you in handling each process with the least harm to your life as possible.