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Divorce and Divorcing Families

The process of divorce means a permanent change in your life. It is a restructuring of your family unit that takes careful consideration. No matter how   Now that you have decided to get divorced life will never be the same again for you, your children, and your soon to be ex spouse.  This process can be just as hard on LGBTQ or Lifestyle people.  All of these issues make divorce a tricky subject nonetheless.  Let me help you through the process of starting over. 

For parents, divorce can bring about feelings of anger, shame, remorse, and fear. It is not only the parents who separate, but the children who also have to deal with the loss and confusion that divorce can bring about. It is imperative that divorcing or separating parents have a solid plan of action to allow as much of a normal life for the child as possible.  This can be done by structuring a parenting plan which focuses on the needs of the children and not just that of the individual parent.  Not every plan works for every family.  


I work on the principal that divorce is painful enough without resorting to ongoing fighting and back stabbing. My staff and I want for your family what you wanted when the marriage began, to have a happy life.


The goal of many parents should be the health and emotional welfare of their children. However, this is often not the case when fighting and accusations get in the way of the needs of the only innocent parties to the divorce. We at Evanko Law work to re-focus our clients on the life they want after the temporary trauma of the divorce process has ended. Whether it is the end of a toxic and volatile relationship or the amicable end of time together, we can help.

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Stages of a Divorce

1. In Connecticut it takes 90 days from the time of filing to complete a divorce. Around the 91st day you will return to court and if completely ready then the parties can get a final hearing on the dissolution. During those 90 days the couple must either come to an agreement on all the personal issues to be able to divorce on the 91st day or at your Case Management Date. If the parties are not in agreement on all or most of the issues then they will have to leave those issues for the court to decide.

2. When it comes to division of property, custody of children, or support it is always better for those who know the situation best to make the decisions. We at Evanko Law work with you and your ex-partner (as best as possible) to ease your transition and guide you in this often complicated and overwhelming process.

3. The court cost will be $360. The fee for service usually costs about $65.

4. Each parent may apply for custody of their child, which is done at the beginning of the case. However, if they cannot come to an agreement on their own, it is up to the courts to make a decision. The state of Connecticut will decide based on the best interest of the child. Should the parents not be able to decide the Court will often ask "family relations" to assist OR a party OR the court may request the assistance of a GAL (guardian ad litem).

Each parent will be required to attend a parenting class which at present runs approx. $125.

5. Parents must not forget all of the small decisions which if not handled now may cause trouble in the future.  Some of those are:
  1.   how their children will be raised and if there is a remarriage
  2.   how the children will be involved in the lives of future siblings
  3.   what happens if a parent needs to move for work.
  4.  Now, even the cost of secondary education is a question that parents must consider.
    1. Questions like: Which parent will pay for college and how much? Should each parent be required to put money into a college savings, if so how much?
Often for divorcing parents this is not a consideration. Would you want to leave those questions open?

6. Community property must be settled during the divorce process. This includes real estate whether purchased during the marriage or prior, vehicles, antiques, jewelry, heirlooms, etc.

At the final hearing on your divorce, Evanko Law wants to be sure that you have settled all the elements which could be settled and ensure that you can move on with your life by getting a fresh start.